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Hello,I’m Elsie, marketer and entrepreneur

I’m Elsie Muñoz C., a Panamanian marketer, and entrepreneur. I’m passionate about marketing, business, and travel! And that’s exactly what you are going to find out here.


From Industrial Engineer to Digital Marketer


First, let me tell you how I became a marketer and entrepreneur. Since I remember I always wanted to be a businesswoman. My father is a multi-serial entrepreneur, and of course, his lifestyle was appealing to me. He didn’t have to ask for permission to take vacations, go to our school meetings, presentations, and so on. So, I wanted to have my own business, since I was 5 years old. But unfortunately, our education system prepares you to be an employee, so I have to pass a lot of obstacles before following my true calling.


I graduated as an Industrial Engineer, and that’s something kind of uncommon for a marketer. I made the transition, back in 2012, when I was working on my first entrepreneurship adventure. I created with my brother a digital platform to promote cultural events in Panama. It sounds like something basic, but in Panama, that was not so common at all. As a society, we were not that into cultural events, at that moment, so it was something new and kind of risky. I was very passionate about the project, but after 3 years, it wasn’t profitable, so I decided to quit it.


At the beginning of this cultural adventure, I discover that if I wanted to grow and get noticed, I have to start doing digital marketing. It was something affordable for an entrepreneur with little budget. I started to teach by myself marketing, there were no courses in Panama at that moment. I discovered a new fascinating world, that combines creativity and strategy, finally, I could do something that I was more like me. I love creating, designing, and generating ideas, and also because of my background, I like to measure things, find patterns, and do things with some kind of logic. And digital marketing offers all of these!


But what about the travel part?


Well in the 80s Panama was facing a dictatorship regime, like many other Latin American countries. The economy, as you can imagine, was terrible, so my dad decided, to move to another country. We lived for almost a year in Argentina, after that the US invaded Panama and the regime ended.


I was only 4, so that experience was very remarkable to me. Argentina is such a beautiful country, very different from ours. I’m not saying that Panama is not beautiful, because it is gorgeous. But we are a very tiny tropical paradise. And Argentina has a lot of different types of climates, mountains, snow, jungles, and endless plains. We lived in Buenos Aires, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South America with a vibrant culture and rich architecture. So, I just absorbed all, the travels, the curious, the culture, the food, the music, everything. From that moment, I became a child of the world, that wanted to travel the world and absorb more.

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